Wednesday, February 22, 2006

driving south and new ideas

tomorrow afternoon i leave for a campus visit near portland. i return on saturday.

so much is happening with the september project. when i get back, i'll blog a bit about some recent tsp developments and share some new ideas and designs. sarah, klockner, and i have been meeting alot lately and the meetings are extremely productive and creative -- and fun. klockner is designing and testing new maps and building pages that can be translated easily into many languages. sarah talked with lynne faulk (friend and former gates foundation's library project colleague of sarah's) who then produced a new web design. the new design is a huge improvement over our current design.

i've been working on the web site's wording, especially the home page. two goals: 1) write it clearly so that visitors will understand what the september project is all about and 2) write it simply so that the pages can be translated more easily into other languages.

in 2004, when we began working on the september project, we didn't really know what we were doing. in 2005, things made a little more sense. it is exciting to be in 2006.


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