Monday, March 06, 2006

maps and new maps

in 2004, the first year of the september project, over 450 libraries participated. libraries from all over the united states as well as seven other countries participated -- see our 2004 map. last year, in 2005, over 650 libraries participated. but this time participation was much more global. the project grew, like ivy, through libraries in 34 countries -- see our 2005 map.

the september project's maps - as well as the database that runs the maps and the sign up software that allows libraries to get on the map - are the work of john klockner. i met klock in september 2001, when he was the director of technology for the department of communication and i was a first year assistant professor. i've been working with, learning with, and building with klock for nearly five years. klock is the best and smartest technologist i know.

for 2006, klock has been building a new kind of map, one using google maps. you can see a version of what he's working on right here. please note: many of the links don't work, we are aware of this. another please note: the pins represent a segment of libraries that participated last year.

what i like about this map is by clicking the mouse and gliding, you can scan. you can pan up and down, back and forth. you can zoom in (more detailed zooming in some places compared to others). and you can zoom out.

within the next week or so, klock will be tweaking and perfecting the map. comments and suggestions are welcome.


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