Thursday, March 23, 2006

pew internet & american life project

the pew internet & american life project, a non-partisan, non-advocacy research organization based in washington dc, continues to churn out interesting and important reports on the state of the internet, digital culture, and american society. their most recent report, "online news: for many home broadband users, the internet is a primary news source," by john horrigan, confirms what many of us have increasingly thought was true - that more and more americans, especially young americans with broadband access, are turning to the net for their news. for those of us interested in politics and political participation, this report is worth our time.

i have recently become a member of the project's advisory board and i look forward to contributing to their ongoing efforts. i have met the project's director, lee rainie, a number of times and he's always got a lot of new ideas and questions. i've spoken with, and used the work of, amanda lenhart, and admire her ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms when interviewed in the media. and i have known, taught (when i was at georgetown university in 2000), learned from, and laughed with mary madden, who is my go-to person when i have a question about music and the internet. i'm excited to be a part of this project.


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