Sunday, March 19, 2006

something big happened at UW last friday

on friday, UW, in response to a superior court judge ruling in october, agreed to give $17.45 million in back pay to faculty members. for a great - and brief - overview, see this article. title: "UW to give $17.45 million in back pay." author: christine frey.

key points!
  • duane storti made this happen. it was professor storti who filed the lawsuit and hired the law firm. storti is a professor of engineering.
  • the decision upholds the idea that once a merit increase is promised it has to be paid.
  • the day before the decision, mark emmert, president of UW, received a 5.11% pay raise - retroactive to september. emmert now brings home $494,000 a year, making him the #8 highest-paid president of a major public research institution.
rock on duane storti. and rock on AAUP - UW Chapter for their continued work on our behalf.


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