Saturday, March 11, 2006

earth day mural & book project - ballard library, march 15

this looks cool. it's a really interesting civic project with multiple collaborators.

my understanding of it is this:
  • to celebrate this year's earth day, there will be a mural done in ballard that addresses local ecological sustainability.
  • the mural's design will be collectively generated at a public meeting at the ballard library as well as on online forums (i'm a bit unsure about the online element of this project).
  • the ideas for the mural will be passed on to students at summit high school (i hope some of the high schoolers will be at the public meeting).
  • community members, including some from sustainable ballard, will facilitate discussions about local sustainability with students at summit high.
  • an art teacher at summit high will work with students who will journal their ideas and experiences (journal in print, journal online, or both?).
  • an artist will work with students to design and paint the mural.
  • with the help of art press books, an art book that documents the whole mural process will be published.
cool. what a great idea.
    community dialogues + high school students and teacher + local organizations, non-profits, and businesses + ecological purpose and vision + community mural = inspired civic action.
if interested, attend the public meeting at ballard library on march 15, 6-8 pm.


by the way, if you live in seattle and have not visited the ballard library, what are you waiting for? a beautiful building, friendly and knowledgeable staff, all kinds of events for community members, teens, and youth, techno-ecological art installations, and a pretty sweet collection of books, magazines, videos, CDs, and dvds. and ... free wireless!


At 3/13/2006 12:22 PM, Blogger MM said...

Oh hey there, David, it's Melissa in NH. Came here through Irina's blog. Love the vibrancy. Be well.

At 3/14/2006 9:52 AM, Anonymous david silver said...

hey melissa! i've been keeping up with you, too, also via irina's blog. is it possible that irina's blog connects all blogs? you be well too.


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