Thursday, April 13, 2006

anti-war teach-in on an american college campus

as the war in iraq becomes more deadly, more irrational, more insane, and more unwinnable, there is little noise coming from US college campuses and even less noise coming from US college faculty. as bush leans towards another war - this time with iran, this time with nuclear weapons - one begins to wonder, when will the madness stop?

faculty at the university of california, santa cruz have decided to do something about it. The War on Terror: A Credible Threat takes place on april 24, 2006 at the quarry.

from their web site:

As a result of student demonstrations against military recruiters in April 2005, the Defense Department listed our campus as a "credible threat." They specified neither their means of assessment nor the nature of the threat. Because the United States government explicitly labeled the University of California at Santa Cruz a "credible threat" in its "War on Terror", we as educators are obliged to seek and to provide an understanding of both this "War" and the "threats" that the US Government claims to combat.

one day soon there will be anti-war teach-ins, marches, and demonstrations on campuses across the united states. until then, let's learn from the inspired faculty at UCSC.

(thanks, mom, for passing this along.)


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