Thursday, April 06, 2006

three interesting sites

three interesting sites to which i hope to return:
  • free exchange on campus, "a coalition of groups that has come together to protect the free exchange of speech and ideas on campus." this is a coalition to fight the lame, shameful, and unacademic campaigns of david horowitz and other right wing extremists. the coalition is impressive and currently includes ten national organizations.
  • fake tv news: findings, an incredible archive of video news releases, or VNRs, curated by the good folks at the center for media and democracy. teaching alert: an excellent and engaging pedagogical tool for anyone teaching classes on contemporary news, journalism, and media.
  •, "Coordinated by the National Capital Immigrant Coalition in the metro Washington, DC area and hundreds of grassroots organizations around the nation, immigrant communities and allies will come together for the largest mobilization for immigrant justice in our nation's history." it's exciting - not to mention fascinating - how fast local, national, and international social movements can grow via digital networks.


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