Saturday, June 03, 2006

com 495 - final project guidelines

i'm currently in day three of grading final projects for com 495. more than ever before, i gave the most bare-bones instructions for the final project. the idea was to let students define their own final projects and explore questions that they, not i, was obsesssed about.

my mantra - chanted over and over again, from the very first lecture to when the last slice of pizza was eaten on the very last day - was: follow your curiosity.

com 495: final project instructions.

  1. pick any topic that a) relates to the 1960s and b) fascinates you.

  2. you must include at least one paragraph describing the project. this should include a clear statement of your research question or questions.

  3. integrate into your project at least 7-10 sources. sources should be clearly marked (author, title, publication); sources should be fully discussed; and sources must be compiled into a bibliography.

  4. the project must include at least 2-3 non-print artifacts (images, sounds, videos, smells) from the time period you are examining.

  5. the project should be the best thing you have done during your college career.

  6. the project must include at least one use of the word "I" (or, in the case of group projects, "we") in relation to why this topic interests you. ex: "i chose this topic because i ..."

  7. the project should contain zero mistakes. spell check. edit. edit again. read it out loud. have a friend read it. have a classmate read it. read it to your parents. and then edit again.
i am halfway finished grading the projects and they are, without a doubt, among the most creative projects i have received in my 10+ years of teaching college students.


At 6/04/2006 10:07 AM, Anonymous bre said...

Wow, this is a really cool project! You must make your students post these in a place where they aggregate!

At 6/04/2006 12:04 PM, Anonymous david silver said...

hey bre!

yeah, what a way to end a school year, eh? i'm reading more of the projects and they continue to blow me away.

i will be posting more about these projects and i'll include links to the ones that can be found online. but some of them are huge posters, print-based magazines, etc, and thus have a tough time making their way online. =)

one day soon you'll have to teach me anything and everything about podcasting.

At 6/11/2006 10:14 PM, Blogger Florence Chee said...

Truly an inspiration for higher learning! Thanks for encouraging creativity!


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