Friday, June 09, 2006

fun-sounding event this saturday in seattle

most seattlites have their favorite place to get a good latte or espresso and mine is nervous nellie's, located in a tiny alley in old town ballard. (picture of nervous nellie's borrowed from zappini.) the place is small - it seats about six or seven comfortably. their coffee is the best and their toast - good thick bread, cheese added, and topped off with jelly or marmalade - is the kind of snack that gets you going for the day.

as ballard gets more and more yuppified by the minute, places like nervous nellie's remain a bastion of community. it's nearly impossible to enter nervous nellie's and not get into an interesting conversation. no wireless! no cell phones allowed! i love this place.

this saturday, june 10th, nervous nellie's moves! it will be sad to see them move (especially since they are literally about 25 feet from my place), but the new space is big, much bigger, i believe over ten times bigger. so, the question: how will they get their stuff from the old nervous nellie's to the new nervous nellies?

answer: a community parade!

come join nervous nellie's, fans of nervous nellie's, and assorted ballard characters as we move with our hands and feet the cafe east a few blocks.

the details:
what: nervous nellie's big moving day parade
when: saturday, june 10, 2:30 pm
where: parade begins at old nervous nellie's (2315 nw market street); parade ends at new nervous nellie's (1556 nw 56th street)


At 6/27/2006 12:36 PM, Anonymous Michael Raymond said...

Any way that you can share pics of the new space? I heard they made it their own.

I was a semi-regular until Sept 2005 when I moved to NZ. I've probably seen you in there and hopefully added to the conversation.

Michael Raymond
Auckland, NZ


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