Friday, July 07, 2006

the september project in sixteen countries

[crossposted from the september project blog]

in the last few weeks, the september project has grown significantly more global. two weeks ago, libraries in 10 countries were planning september project events. today, events are being planned in 16 countries.
from canada, west vancouver memorial library (in west vancouver, british columbia) and chinook regional library: swift current branch (in swift current, saskatchewan), both 2005 september project participants, have signed up again this year.

from costa rica, the university for peace library (in san jose) has recently become the first costa rican library to participate in the september project. (the united nations-mandated university of peace was established in 1980 with the following mission: "to provide humanity with an international institution of higher education for peace with the aim of promoting among all human beings the spirit of understanding, tolerance and peaceful coexistence, to stimulate cooperation among peoples and to help lessen obstacles and threats to world peace and progress, in keeping with the noble aspirations proclaimed in the Charter of the United Nations.")

from greece, the athens university of economics & business library (in athens) will be participating again this year.

from iceland, kopavogur public library: lindasafn branch library (in kopavogur) signed up to participate again this year.

from india, the amity campus jaipur library (in jaipur, rajasthan) and the NIILM center for management studies library (in new delhi) have signed up. in an email, jitender sharma, librarian and marketing manager at NIILM-CMS library wrote: "Our library will always be willing to be a part of this project."

from israel, the pamela and stanley chais public library (in mevasseret - zion) and the university of haifa library (in haifa) have joined the september project.
we look forward to watching the project grow around the planet.


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