Tuesday, June 27, 2006

college + community = smart civic engagement (lawrence, kansas, usa)

if you plan to be in or near lawrence, kansas, between september 11-17, 2006, please consider attending some or all of the following september project events:
Surveillance and Society Post-9/11
Monday, Sept 11, 7 pm
Lawrence Public Library Auditorium

Professor Mike Hoeflich of the University of Kansas School of Law will lead a discussion pertaining to individuals' rights and group responsibility. Special emphasis will be placed on surveillance changes and whether citizens' rights are being trounced by a post-9/11 mentality of security over freedom. Professor Hoeflich will speak for twenty minutes and then lead a discussion/question and answer period for another forty. Professor Hoeflich is a former dean of the Law School and is a noted columnist for the Lawrence Journal-World.

Religious Cooperation in an Uncooperative World
Tuesday, September 12, 7 pm
Lawrence Public Library

The United States seems to have become increasingly divided with each passing year since September 11, 2001. In a time of divisiveness, learn how radically different religious groups are working together to cultivate peace through building interfaith relationships, fostering understanding and appreciation of differences, and creating opportunities for leadership in local communities. Join us for a panel presentation followed by an audience discussion. We will seek to identify concrete strategies for interfaith cooperation that every person can take back to her or his faith community.

International Perspectives on the Post-9/11 U.S.
Wednesday, September 13, 7 pm
Lawrence Public Library Auditorium

Five international students will offer diverse views on the September 11th attack in the United States. The panelists will share their personal experiences and inner feelings about life in the United States after 9/11 as citizens of their respective countries. Through dialogue, all in attendance will develop a deeper understanding of the global impact of 9/11.

You Be the Judge: The United States Supreme Court in Review
Sunday, September 17, 2:30 pm
Lawrence Public Library Auditorium

On Constitution Day, find out whether you agree with recent decisions by our nation's highest court. Judge Joseph G. Pierron, Kansas Court of Appeals, will lead the group in a re-creation of actual Supreme Court cases, with the audience playing the roles of the litigants, lawyers and judges. You'll have fun as you gain new perspectives on the judicial process and debate rights and responsibilities in America today. Co-sponsored by the Kansas Humanities Council and the Kansas Judiciary and Kansas Bar Association.
i love this september project event for many reasons, including:
  1. it is a collaboration between a public library (lawrence public library) and a university (university of kansas).

  2. lawrence public library's efforts are being coordinated by maria butler, the community relations/volunteer coordinator. judging from the library's events calendar, it seems as though lawrence public library takes community engagement very seriously.

  3. it involves students. for three straight years, KU students have designed awesome september project events. this year, four graduate students - noelle barrick, shannon portillo, michael sweeney, and megan williams - and one undergraduate - julian portillo - are making things happen. i believe most (all?) of the students are in american studies, but i could be wrong.

  4. it features a) experts from b) the community. for example: the panel on the supreme court features judge joseph g. pierron, kansas court of appeals; the panel on surveillance features professor mike hoeflich, university of kansas school of law; and, in a stroke of brilliance, the panel on international perspectives on post-9/11 united states features five international students currently attending university of kansas.

  5. collaborating organizations include local and state organizations. in addition to the lawrence public library and university of kansas, collaborators include the kansas humanities council, the kansas judiciary, and the kansas bar association.

  6. and finally, because it takes place in a public library, the event is free and open to the public. put another way, anyone can participate in - and everyone is invited to - these interesting and inspired events.
way to go lawrence, kansas!


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