Thursday, May 18, 2006


two brief notes regarding last night's america's top model finale:
    as my friend deb said in an email, "smart, gutsy, real and wonderful Danielle won. proving that character does sometimes prevail (in TV hyperreality, anyway)." true.

    my biggest fear was that once jade got kicked off, things would get boring. my fear came true. for me, once jade left - singing, snapping, strutting, then crying (the first time we saw the real jade) - the rest of the show was boring.


At 5/18/2006 10:33 AM, Anonymous Chuck said...

I'm watching the wrong reality show. I'm still conflicted about who I wanted in the American Idol finals, but this sounds like a lot more fun.

At 5/18/2006 11:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jade cried?!

Hopefully, YouTube will have that one on file. And VH1 will have a re-run of the entire show.

I'm still shocked that Danielle won. I thought Joanie would've been the victor. I was convinced that Tyra wanted to glue the girl's mouth shut everytime she said a word :)

At 5/23/2006 8:12 PM, Anonymous Amy H. said...

Ok, I am watching the finale again so I can gossip with Sarah. My fav quote from Joanie "Jade’s personality smells like a dirty diaper."


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