Wednesday, June 14, 2006

walserbibliothek raggal

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for the last few months, i've had the pleasure to work with jen rosenberg, an undergraduate here at the university of washington. before coming to UW, jen lived in austria and attended the university of vienna. next year, jen will leave UW to attend the university of iowa. through an independent study, it's been a joy to work with and learn from jen.

jen began her work by translating much of the september project into german. what an interesting feeling to see Das September-Projekt: Weltweite Förderung von öffentlichen Events am 11. September on our web site! next, jen began contacting librarians in austria and germany.

jen and i were extremely thrilled when walserbibliothek raggal signed up to participate in this year's september project. walserbibliothek raggal is located in raggal, which is a community of almost 900 people in the austrian alps. a few years ago, due to financial constraints, the library almost closed. fortunately, the entire community got together to fight for the library's existence. today, there are 12 volunteers helping to manage and maintain the library. also, the library is currently putting together a collection of articles from the local newspaper in order to compile a history of this very small town/village for members of their community.

walserbibliothek raggal is a public library and it has a playroom designed for children filled with children's books, DVDs, and CDs. judging from this photograph, it appears that the room is also used for exciting story times!

for jen, originally from vienna and currently in seattle, it must be a thrill to see walserbibliothek raggal on our map of participating libraries. for me, currently in seattle but often dreaming of the austrian alps, it certainly is a thrill.

danke walserbibliothek raggal. danke jen.


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